Thank You from Farmer Ross

A Thank-you Note from Misty Moon Farms

At Field To Meal, we're serious about sourcing our ingredients from area farms and supporting the comeback of local agriculture in North Texas.

One of the local farms we're proud to work with is Misty Moon Farms, a six-acre operation in Argyle, Texas that produces a variety of cash crops ranging from lettuce, radishes and herbs to tomatoes, squash and even watermelons.

With 15,000 square feet of greenhouse space, the farm harvests fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year and sells the bulk of its produce through farmers markets around Dallas.

The farm is owned and operated by Ross Deotte who's proud of the quality of his harvest and says his customers enjoy the freshest, most nutritious produce available because the time between harvest and delivery is only a matter of days, not weeks as with conventional produce.

Having Field To Meal as a customer has provided the farm with a source of steady income, especially in the off season from late autumn to early spring, he says.

"That's huge for stability. If you can imagine getting a paycheck every week or not knowing where you're next paycheck is coming from. Farming is an unstable profession, so having that stability allows you to sleep at night," he says.

Field To Meal's customers are essential for keeping farms like his viable and open for business, and Deotte says he considers them partners in in the local food movement.

"Amy at Field to Meal has been my most loyal customer. She works with what I've got growing, orders as much as she can, and always keeps a positive attitude," Deotte says. "I have a huge appreciation for her and you, as you are definition of what it means to truly be the change you wish to see in the world. You are really walking the talk of supporting a local, sustainable food system. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy our produce."  

~Happy Growing,
Farmer Ross

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