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Another Thanks Giving has come and gone much like our beloved Dallas Cowboys hopes for the season.  I hope it was a great time full of beautiful food and good cheer.  But not too much as the dangers of over eating were highlighted to me humorously yesterday when a photo of a (nameless) family member was put up on the fridge, to which my father-in-law delightfully proclaimed it would require two fridge magnets to hold it up!

I read a really interesting and encouraging article last week which I’ve attached below.  More and more young people are getting into farming and reversing a trend of decades.  These people are educated and motivated.

Whilst it is brilliant to see passionate, young people who care about the environment and quality of food produced, this article resonated and excited me because it proves FTM is ahead of the curve as we already work with a number of young farmers just like this including Jess Longoria from Happy Trails and Ross DeOtte from Misty Moon Farms.

You too can play your part in the renaissance of local farming.  That is the very important part of buying your vegetables, fruits, meats discerningly, buying from local, hard-working small farms.  Start right here…

Get your orders in today folks

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‘food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate’ - Alan D. Wolfelt

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