Be a Part of History

Good afternoon all,

5 meals per menu, 52 weeks per year for 4 and a half years. That folks is 1170 meals or 234 menus.

Numbers to some, these digits also represent how many times Amy and the FTM crew have come up with delicious, varied, healthy, easy to cook meals for families just like you!

Even more amazing than these numbers. The fact that this week after all these winners we have officially the best yet;

  • chicken thighs with pan fried corn fritters;
  • Thai shrimp noodles with honey sauce;
  • spiced beef and tzatziki
  • sausage, potato, egg tacos with pico de Gallo
  • eggplant and vegetable rice

It's rare you get the chance to be part of history ahead of time;

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Yours in good eating


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