By Giving a Little Extra Thought...

Good morning all,

We all do it, some of us reluctantly but from time to time we all do it.  We take the easy way out and spend too much of our money and devote too much of our diet to food purchased from large, corporate, often multi-national chains.  There has to be a better way than that which makes already wealthy companies richer, creates more waste and quite often only provides us with cheap, bland unhealthy food.

Well, there is hope, by giving a little extra thought to your food habits you can reduce your waste and increase the quality of your diet as well as make an impact on the environment.  By taking a little care, you can buy direct from farmers or shopkeepers who take pride in the quality of their produce.  If you don't have time, then there are convenient options out there...think Field to Meal!

Eating seasonally is another key factor, it improves the quality of your food as it comes fresh, reduces the cost of the ingredients and by being local supports our farmers rather corporate fat cats.  Don't underestimate the issue of waste that arises when buying food from some of these chains.  Waste that comes in the form of uneaten food, wasting your money on uneaten food, the waste of time, energy and resources in collecting, preparing and distributing that food, not to mention the emissions created from food thrown away.  

Whilst we all have much to worry about in life, it's nice to know that with just a little care an impact in so many areas can be made.  Sermon concluded!

Yours in good eating,


-'Throwing away food is like stealing form the table of those poor and hungry' - Pope Francis

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