C'mon I Lean

Good evening all,

With all that is going on in the world and particularly the US, lets begin this weeks missive on lighter note.  It relates to the weekend wedding of FTM favorite, Chuck Shatley.  In the day leading up to his nuptials Chuck still relentlessly showing off managed to break his ankle, rendering his wedding dance instead of being John Legends 'All of me' to being Dexys Midnight Runners classic 'Come on Eileen' ..... or in Chucks case 'Come on I lean'.  

Agreed, such tragedy should not prompt the raucous laughter it did, but rather reminded me of my uncle Craig, who was married in a plaster cast up to his hip, courtesy of bachelor party shenanigans two days earlier.  A mix of anger and hilarity ensued upon learning between the ceremony and reception that there was nothing wrong with his leg, rather his medical student mates had thought it funny to try out their skills when he had passed out.

Ok, whilst I still find that hilarious, Amy however, finds it less so.  No accounting for humor, I guess.  Speedy recovery Chuck.  

Hopefully that has distracted you from the weekly grind.  To help, I have even gone and arranged for the opening of the NFL season to be tonight!  Go you Falcons.

As I settle in for the football, my wonderful partner in crime, FTM and life, Amy is knocking up this weeks special, the Maple Glazed Chicken.  Wowsers, if it tastes half as good as it smells!

 Orders in people!

Remember, small business lives and dies on your referrals.  You do a great job, but my job is to keep asking.  Thank you in advance.

yours in good eating

'A champion is somewhat who did not give up when they wanted to' - Tom Landry

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