Cognitive Dissonance

Good evening all,

So one of this years resolutions is to do a bit more reading, very good for the mind they say, smart people read they say.  No longer be satisfied with reading the sports pages and a few select articles on current affairs, but to actually take the time to read a few books (Delaine, Audible does not count).  I started with a fascinating read about the Brain, this both terrified me and gave me hope.  Next up I was reading through a book that debates the perils of sugar, thought provoking and reinforcing my belief that sugar is a serious health threat, when I realized that whilst reading I had demolished half a tub of strawberry ice-cream.  I believe this phenomenon is called cognitive dissonance...I read that in a book too!

I do know that I followed this snack up a few hours later with some delicious crab cakes courtesy of our friends Atkins Seafood on a salad fresh from Happy Trails farm and that I immediately felt better about myself.  I'm sure there is a term for this behavior too, but I'm not up to that part, more reading required.  

Further putting my mind at ease is that as long as I stick to next weeks FTM lineup (see below....and I can work my way through the second half of the tub of ice-cream guilt free.  Such is the power of eating clean, unprocessed food.  

You know what Wednesday night is!  It's time to select your meals for the coming week.  If you are not getting all 5 then a quick piece of advice, make sure you choose the Moroccan stew, it's a perfect example of how flavor can transport you to another time or another place.

Yours in good eating


'I know once people get connected to real food, they never change back' - Alice Walters

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