Competition time

Good evening all,

Here I go again being all irresponsible.  Running a food business and handing out free food.  My accountant says the numbers don’t add up, but you can’t put a price on happiness and feeding you good people of Texas makes me happy.

So, you have 4 days remaining if you haven’t checked your FB page.  First prize 3 free meals.  That’s right a 3 Dinner Meal Bag serving 4 is coming your way.  All you have to do;

1.  Go to our Field to Meal’s Facebook or Instagram page
2.  Like the post
3.  Share the post
4.  Tag 3 friends (Storesy in your case just the two friends you have. How is your mum and brother by the way?)

I am guilty of using this platform for my own comedic (questionable) value.  However, in amongst this I will occasionally make genuine requests.  One of those is for you to please keep sharing our story, it is how we survive, grow and help employ staff and farmers.  Please by all means refer customers to us, but it can also be as simple as liking our FB page our Instagram account.  The more you spread the word, the more we help.  Lesson over!

Wednesday night.  That time of the week folks. Orders in and submit your meal selections…ready…steady…now!

Yours in good eating

‘People influence people’ - Mark Zuckerberg.  Keep influencing

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