Craving Something Local??

Good morning all,

While the flavors may be exotic and the taste exquisite, the food is all local.  Don’t support Whole Foods or HEB, support your local farmer!  

This weeks

Shrimp and white beans with sausage - Some things just work together, Fred and Ginger came together to make movie gold, so to do shrimp and sausage, who knew!

Creamy Beef and Spinach Ravioli -  Despite stiff competition from Penne and the up and coming Linguine, Ravioli was again voted best Pasta for 2017, for the 4th year in a row.  Thanks to local legends Civello Raviolismo for the best Ravioli this side of the Atlantic.

Italian Chicken with Gremolata - No, the chicken is not from Rome, rather it is from Red Oak, local goodness with foreign flavors;

Huevos Tamaleos - Having not eaten my first Tamale until 40 I have since eaten over my body weight in them, thanks to Dallas’s own Along Came Tamale;

Lamb Harira - A Moroccan inspired delicacy.  Little known fact is I am 3% Moroccan, after trying this meal for the first time on Tuesday I am now 5%.

Yours in good eating


‘I can resist everything except temptation’ - Oscar Wilde

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