Customer #1

Jesse and Kari Patterson - Customer/Photographer/Meal Planner
It was back in April 2014 that we inadvertently became FTM's very first customers.  We were proud to support a young, local business and in particular Amy and Sam as they demonstrated a genuine desire to help educate and encourage people to eat better.  

Over the last 4 years whilst our support has not changed almost everything else has.  In that time we moved and got married.  We now work closely with Amy and Sam, preparing, testing, staging and photographing the meals you see on the website and receive in your meal bags.  Jesse has become an accomplished photographer in his own right, due in no small part to the experience gained with FTM.  In the last couple of months I have taken on the additional role of joining forces with Amy to create the meal plans as well as begun my own food styling business, Food Sings.

This all has come about because of chance decision to visit that small farm one Saturday afternoon back in 2014.

Thank you Jesse & Kari for your friendship, support and hard work!

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