Farm Love

Good morning all,

What if I told you I could do the following for you this coming week;

-  hydrate you
-  soothe any pains you have
-  reduce your risk of cancer
-  improve the health of your heart
-  help you lose weight
-  improve you cholesterol
-  improve your digestion

I haven't even got to what I'm going to do for your brain yet!

All these benefits and more are associated with the following 3 vegetables that will be on your plates this week courtesy of our local farmers.

Now like anything worthwhile, they come with a caveat.  These potatoes, onions and cucumbers must be organic and void of all chemicals or genetic modifications.

Fortunately for you, the only secret ingredient this week comes in the form of love from our farmers, in this case particularly Mr Marshall Hensley of Garden Variety Organics.

Organically, grown only some 5 minutes south of Waxahachie, these have been harvested yesterday and today, to make sure they are fresh, tasty and doing your brain the world of good as they ready for you to plate.

Who knew?


Yours in another week of good eating


'Everybody is a genius, but if judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid. - Albert Einstein (a man who ate many cucumbers)

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