Feeling hot hot hot

Good evening all,

With the mercury hitting 108 degrees today and even worse on the horizon, do you really want to be out and about traipsing the neighborhood thinking;

-  What are we going to eat this week?
-  Where do I find that?
-  God it's hot
-  That's too expensive
-  That's not very healthy
-  If I buy that we'll end up wasting half of it;
-  It's a shame we can't buy local
-  I forgot Charlee is so difficult she won't eat that

Your solution?  Sit in the comfortable air conditioned confines of your home, type in fieldtomeal.com, go to the meal bags section and place your order.

2 minutes and you'll have all the meals you need organized, with delivery coming your way on Sunday or Monday.

Your welcome.  Stay cool my friends.

Yours in good eating


Tip:  Get all over the loaded greek fries this week.

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