Fill Your Belly, Fill Your Soul

Good evening all,

I think when it rains all day and the mercury fails to hit 50, it’s official, the weather has turned and by no coincidence so too do our appetites.  We start to crave a dinner that will fill our hearts and souls with warmth, comfort and hope on nights that perhaps feel the exact opposite.  Such is the power of great seasonal food!

A quick gander at this weeks menu shows clearly we have you covered.

Chicken Tikka Burgers with slaw - Despite being Indian in origin, so good is Chicken Tikka that it is now England’s national dish.  True story.  We’ve already had a number of requests for this from both new and existing customers

Shepherds Pie - After 3 and half years of FTM this ranks as my all-time favorite.  Hearty, healthy and happy.  Guaranteed kid pleaser too.

Spicy Chicken Puttanesca - this pasta dish is ideal for a cold, miserable evening, the herbs, the capers, the olives dancing together.

Cod Parcels - Not since Christmas have you opened a parcel with such expectation and excitement.  

Pork Ramen - this one is bound to open a few Texan eyes to the genius that is rice noodles and bok choy and pork.

Get your orders in folks and remind anyone that hasn’t.  Keep doing your small business homework and referring people, it’s how we grow and keep our farmers happy.

Finally please send some warm wishes Amy’s way this week, she’s recovering from a nasty Bocce Ball shoulder injury.  You think American Football is tough, nothing on a night out with the girls playing Bocce and drinking wine apparently!

Yours in good eating


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