Good morning all,

What if I told you that come January 1, 2017 you could have free dinners for you and your family for the whole year of 2017?! That's right, you heard me, for 12 months FTM will provide your family with 3 meals a week that serves 4. Go on...say it... Sam you are too good to me! Agreed, but its just the kind of guy I am. One lucky family will receive local, fresh, organic produce for the whole year. That's a year of not having to think 'what am I cooking tonight?' A year of not having to navigate supermarket queues! A year of sleeping easy knowing you and your family have eaten well and eaten healthy. Holy smokes Batman.

Never before in history has such a phenomenal prize been made available so easily. All you need to do is in the next 2 months (Friday September 30th until November 30th) be the smart cookie that refers the most people to FTM. Referrals will be considered people who have articulated that they were referred to us by you and are still subscribing with us come November 30th. It only considers people who were referred during this upcoming 2 month period. Referrals can phone us, email us, inform us in their orders, text, Skype, whatsapp, twitter, carrier pigeon whatever method they choose, they will be eligible.

This competition is open to anyone, existing customers new and old alike, even those not currently ordering. So, start rallying the troops, get on the blower and tell your mum, your sister, your postman, the Facebook world and rustle up 3..5..8...12 as many subscribers as you can. Work by yourself to do this or work together with others and share the prize, its all the same. 2 months people, on your marks...get set....GO!!!!

Finally, on a personal note, congratulations to avid FTM supporter and my mate Storesy, on finally settling down. You may look like an oompa loompa but you're one of the greats.

Yours in good eating,

'The future ain't what it used to be.'  - Yogi Berra

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