Frozen In?

Good evening all,

Brrrrr and Brrrr, you know its cold when you step into our walk-in fridge at FTM HQ to warm up.  Oh, how I long for the 6 days of the year where I don't whinge about the heat or the cold.

It is funny how when there is any sort of announcement about weather people rush to the grocery store to ensure they have sufficient food to survive the approaching meteorological apocalypse.  I spent about an hour and a quarter shopping the other night as the whole world descended on Tom Thumb!

Don't be the last to see sense and log on to and save yourself from the cold and the queue's.

Remember, as of February 5th, all deliveries in the Dallas area will be moving from Tuesday to Monday.  As per your feedback you'll now be getting your meals at the start of the work week.

Yours in good eating


'marriage really is just having someone to put your cold feet on'

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