God Bless Texas.. God Bless Ellis County

Good afternoon all,

Memorial Weekend is almost upon us signaling the arrival of summer.  Finally, I can wear my white jeans! 

Hopefully, you and the family are enjoying friends, the sunshine, a swim and maybe just a little too much tasty food.  Why don't you add something like this to your menu for the weekend (and week)

-  Oven baked chicken tenders, served with herbed potato wedges and fresh salad.

 'Yum' I can almost hear your tastebuds scream in unison.  Sounds great but not sure?  You want something that says 'America' or even better, 'Texas'.  I understand.

What if I told you that the hormone and steroid free chicken was from Red Oak, Texas.  The taters come from just down the road in Midlothian, TX and who doesn't love taters from Midlothian.  Rosemary from Hachie, TX and fresh greens from Italy, TX.

For those of you with a sharp eye, you have noted that Ellis County alone has produced this organic, farm fresh masterpiece.   Those with an even sharper eye would also be aware that Ellis County produces close to 3 times more military service people than the American average.

To enjoy this local, patriotic pearler best served with a couple of ice cold frothie Lone Stars (TX).

Get it all here and more; fieldtomeal.com/the-menu

Yours in good eating


'Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it' - Mark Twain

p.s.  Well wishes go out to FTM favorite, Kyle Mueller of Waxahachie, freshly shipped out to serve in Syria

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