Good things come in small packages

Good afternoon all,

Let me start by putting your minds at ease, the below photo is not a sinister example of people smuggling.  Rather just Addy Longoria taking a load off after a hard day on one of FTM's favorite farms, Happy Trails in Italy.

Earth Day festivities have come and gone for another year, thanks to FTM's involvement it was nice to be invited to see a preview of a great documentary called Game Changers.  Even as spruikers of eating clean and green the documentary proved thought provoking, even confronting about some of the myths around our current day eating habits.  It may well shock you but hopefully also encourage and inspire.  The good news is if you are eating FTM you are on the right path.  Check out

And while you are feeling like changing the world, pay a visit to  A wonderful Dallas initiative focused on reducing and making better use of food waste, a problem disturbing in its scale.  

The menu is up for another week, orders and meal selections in please!  Cannot recommend the Bean Guiso enough. 

yours in good eating


'Eat food, not too much, mostly plants' - Michael Pollan

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