Guess What Today Is!?

Wednesday is meal selection day!
Next week's menu is out and is a winner! Please make your meal selections and add your extras from our market today.

-Please keep returning your reusable bags each week, we churn through these pretty quickly, so please keep leaving them out for your trusty delivery driver to pick up.

A new season of FarmHer returned to our screens on Friday at 8.30 on RFD-TV. Last Friday's episode featured our very own Heather Dineen of Waxahachie's Yellow Farmhouse.  A more deserving recipient would be hard to find.  Most farmers work exceptionally hard but Heathers passion and love of the land is contagious and shines through in everything they produce.  Most weeks there's a good chance one or more of your FTM includes some of the best, tastiest pork and beef that this fair state contains courtesy of Heather and her husband John Paul.  They don't stop there though also farm wheat, corn and grain sorghum. Congratulations Heather, we'll be watching, there may even be a shot or two of FTM's equivalent Amy.

FarmHer details:  Farm Her

Catering an event?
Look no further than FTM!  Amy and the gang fed over 100 hungry souls last week at North Dallas's Carpathia Clinic.  Lot of mumbling about it being delicious, tasty, gorgeous at least think it was the food and not me they were talking about.

-Support your sports team! - FTM continues to give back 10% of all orders associated with the Dallas Magpies football team.  A sizable check coming there way next week, give me a call and see if we can't help your team.

Yours in good eating,


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