Happy Anniversary FTM

April 1st, 2018 Field to Meal celebrated its 4th birthday.  Like any business, we are only as strong as the support we get from our customers.  Field to Meal’s customers have delivered in spades, in 4 years we have served well over a 100,000 meals to thousands of North Texas families.  We  are grateful to have worked with some phenomenal people and served many more.  It is nice to know that this support affords us as a business the opportunity to help many in return, whether they be ourselves, our employees, our suppliers or our customers.  

We are enormously proud of what Field to Meal has become and has done for the local community.  Please keep on supporting us and we promise to keep helping our local community.

Amy Roberts - Founder/Owner;
Both Sam and myself had worked for many years in somewhat unfulfilling roles in the corporate world.  We were both searching for something which we could pursue passionately and provided a sense of meaning.   FTM was born and continues to provide that vehicle.  

There is no doubt it has been challenging and at times all consuming, but to be able to grow a small business working closely with my husband whilst indulging my love of great food has been enormously satisfying.  I don’t often say it but I take great pride in encouraging people to eat and live well and in doing so help a lot of great local farmers in and around North Dallas.

The confidence I have developed from making daily decisions, fostering relationships with farmers and dealing with our loyal and supportive customers is something that I will always cherish.

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