Happy Birthday Charlee

Good evening all,

For those who are sticklers for detail, you may have noticed a tendency for me to sometimes wax lyrical.  In my defense after some 350 newsletters it is a challenge to come up with news or information that is relevant, interesting and hopefully inspiring.

From my perspective it is an opportunity to indulge my passion for writing as well as to spruik a company I could not be prouder of.   Unfortunately for fans of my literary (under appreciated literary) genius, you will have to wait.

This week it is about one thing;

Check this menu out.  If this doesn't get your motor running, float your boat or have you licking your chops then you just don't appreciate a good analogy, and I'm afraid maybe I'm not for you.  Don't expect a signed copy of my top 100 greatest newsletters!!

Look. I've done the sums on 5 different menu's, there are some 60 different combinations of 3 meals you could have.  Personally, I've gone Greek Chicken Salad, Beef Cutlets and Cheese Tortellini.  Bang, Bang, Bang as they say.  What's your combo, remember there is no wrong answer!!  Orders in good FTM people.

Yours in good eating


Special shout out.  A free meal if you order this week if you can answer, who am I?  I'm 6'2", outrageously handsome, my wife is a phenomenal cook, I have a dodgy accent and as of Saturday I turn 45!

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