Happy Good Friday

Good morning all,

Let's begin with a quick shout out to my man Craig Storer who is battling a few health drama's at the moment.  Hang tough little big man.

With Easter now well and truly upon us remember to compliment your Easter egg intake with something arguably more nutritious.  FTM, much like a good postman, will be delivering as normal over the weekend.

Next weekend sees FTM make its much anticipated debut at the Earth Day festivities at the Fair Grounds.  We'd love you to stop by and say hi as well as enjoy what the day has to offer. Great to be involved with those who share a vision for sustainability, the environment and health.

Amy and her team have outdone themselves again this week.  I defy you to not fall in love with the Mu Shu Pork rolls!  Get your orders in now people!

Yours in good eating,


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