Happy Long Weekend

Good morning all,

Happiest of Memorial Day weekends people. Nothing like a 3 day weekend. In fact I'm sure whoever determined that Saturday and Sunday were the days had their time again they would throw Monday in there as well.

Please note despite the holiday we will be delivering as normal on Sunday and Monday.

Not sure what you and your family ate for your last 5 meals this week but guarantee it doesn't stack up to the lineup this week!

Sadly as mentioned in previous communications the Waxahachie storefront will be no longer come next Wednesday 31st of May. All meals from this point will be delivery only. With customers all over the metroplex all resources will be devoted to ensuring our delivery service remains first class.

Finally a warm welcome to Marshall Hinsley our newest farmer who has supplied us with 100's of lb's of pink LaSota organic potatoes.  Any potato you mash, boil, roast or chip in the next month will be courtesy of Marshall.

Yours in good eating


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