If You Are What You Eat....

Good morning all,

There is never a reason to not eat well, but with summer fast approaching there is no better time to get yourself ship shape for the warm weather.

Field to Meal's youngest member has been kind enough to share with us the strict juicing regime she employs to ensure she is ready for bikini season!  Young Addi recognizes leafy green goodness when she tastes it. 

And the time is right, yesterday we received a huge delivery of freshly harvested cilantro, collard greens, spinach and salad mix from our greater partners at Happy Trail Farms in Italy.  
The next couple of weeks the menu is delicious, 10 of best dishes including this week FTM's all time favorite, Tamale Casserole.  Order now and just like Adaline be sure to add in a juice pack.

Yours in good eating,


'If you are what you eat....I need to eat a skinny person'

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