It's All About Balance

Good morning all,

I trust you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving festivities. Put your hand up if you over indulged?  Yes, you over there in the corner...I see you...too much turkey, too much ham...I thought so.

The key to navigating the next month or so is balance.  Eating out on a weekend or celebrating the office party must be met in equal portion with some meals that fuel, sustain and treat our bodies.

Easier said than done when you want something that still tastes delicious. Get back in to your FTM regime now before it's too late folks. Choose from this weeks 5 delicious meals out now.

With it being the season of giving, now is the time to steer someone in the right direction and appear super generous with our gift cards. Purchase online or in the store and great food will magically appear for the lucky recipients!

Yours in good eating,


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