May Your Will Match Your Resolutions!

Good morning all,

Brexit, LeBron James, Zsa Zsa Gabor, the Olympic Games
Dak Prescott, water crisis, Conor McGregor, zika virus
David Bowie, Donald Trump, Chicago Cubs break their slump
Fidel Castro, Orlando, Mily Cyrus

John Glenn, 3am tweet, Facebook, Usain Bolts fast feet
Princess Leia, build the wall, Obamacare in free fall
Corruption, email hack, Hillary Clinton, Police attacked
Hurricane, North Korea, Supreme Court Stacked

We didn't start the fire!

Ok, granted I'm no Billy Joel, but of no doubt is that 2016 was punctuated with some serious highs and lows.

6 days in to the New Year and I still haven't had a soft drink, no chocolate, no beer and I've exercised most days. 2017 is my year!  I've never seen, let alone experienced such resolve, such fortitude!  Stay tuned next week because when normal service resumes, I will explain how one can of Red Bull led to a sugar binge Oprah would be proud of and all that hard work was undone. May your will match your resolutions folks.

What I can guarantee people is that at least by beginning your year with FTM, you are giving yourself a chance to hit the ground and 2017 running.  It is and remains the cornerstone of my diet and allows me luxury of ...some indulgences.  We look forward to seeing you soon and as always supporting us means you are supporting our frozen farmers.

Yours in good eating,


Rest in Peace Jan Pruitt, a courageous fight to the end, gone far too early.

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