Mr. November

Good evening all,

I trust you all navigated another Halloween successfully.  Personally the evening went very smoothly at our house, blinds were shut, lights were off with the focus instead being game 6 of the World Series.  Amy and Taz were forced to fly the Halloween flag for the household further down the street.  

Hopefully your kids had more success than my Houston Astro’s did last night and are still fawning over their candy bounty.  Please take note, as the law of diminishing returns kicks in and that 32nd pack of boppers loses its appeal now is the perfect time to hit the little critters with some perhaps slightly more nutritious fare!

Question - Whatever do you mean Sam?

Answer -

5 recipes, 5 tasty treats, no whoppers, boppers, Reece’s, kit kats or any other candy.  Just fresh, tasty goodness.  Great recipes, great produce, packaged for you, delivered to your door!

Those who know me, know I’m inclined to wax lyrical about this weeks favorite, the Salmon, having previously compared it to a summer’s day, a lucky lottery ticket and Roger Federer.  Turns out….I was right, it is all of the above.  However, I do not mean to be dismissive of the other four dishes.  If the Chicken Enchiladas float your boat more than the Salmon who am I to argue!

Either way, get your meals sorted now, then sit back and enjoy the Astro’s and game 7.


’the game isn’t over over till it’s over’ - Yogi Berra

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