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Good morning all,

Hope the New Year is off and running as hoped.  Let me share some exciting news with you as your day begins.

-    In April 2014 FTM was born and begun, our very first customer at our farm opening in Midlothian was a couple named Jesse and Kari Patterson.  They proved to be so much more than just customers.

Jesse is a phenomenal young photographer and we took advantage of him honing his craft, as he is responsible for the amazing photo's you see each week on our website.  Not to be outdone, Kari has demonstrated she has real flair at staging food.  They have become a formidable and highly skilled pair.

Well, the reason I mention this is because as of a few weeks ago, Kari has now joined forces with another formidable woman, Amy, to help create the meal plans each week.  She will bring her style and taste to give you even more beautiful dishes to choose from.

-    As of Monday February 5th Dallas deliveries will be moving to Monday of each week.  This is in response to demand from our customers who understandably want their meals as close to the start of the week as possible.  Further communication will follow but if you get your meals on Tuesday now, in a month this will change.

-    Whilst slightly premature, I am so excited I can't wait, in a matter of weeks FTM will be offering fresh juices from  Each juice is lovingly created by owner JuNene K with a physical, emotional or spiritual purpose in mind.  More to follow in the next week.

As Steppenwolf back in '69 wrote, what better way to 'get your motor running' than jumping back on the FTM wagon,

yours in good eating


'Eating local, fresh and organic should be a mantra not a resolution' - Sam Roberts

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