Playing Favorites - Profile of a Star

Good evening all,

I do my best not to play favorites.  It's like that time I asked my mum who her favorite was out of my two brothers and I.  She clearly was reluctant to reveal her darling aware of the pitfalls of such a statement but was kind enough to share that I was on the podium!!

So it is here at FTM.  There is no one favorite, but if there was, right in the mix would be this young lady, one of FTM's inaugural Hall of Fame members, Natalie Pruitt of Kessler Park.  Lets learn some about this loyal supporter;

Name:     Natalie Pruitt
Occupation:     Senior Accountant at a construction company
How did you first hear about FTM:    I heard Amy present at an Oak Cliff Women in Business meeting and was intrigued, she also bought snacks for us to try.
Approx how long have you been using FTM:    3 years
Why FTM:     I choose FTM to support local businesses and farmers.  Also when you compare the menus to competitors, FTM has more inventive recipes and also the Fresh Start Option.
Last Person you recommended to FTM:    My neighbor Tori
Next person you recommend to FTM:    Anyone looking for good dinner ideas
Do you read Sam's newsletters:    Every word.  He's so clever...and handsome too!
How proud are you to be in FTM's Hall of Fame:    This my finest moment by the past week!  It's such an honor.

There you have it, loyal, discerning and clearly a very intelligent woman.  

Now while Natalie can boast she's eating right by herself and her community.  Can you boast the same?  Lets take a week off supporting huge supermarket or fast food chains.  For you this week it is to be a victory for taste over shiny and bland, local over multi national, organic and healthy over chemicals and preservatives.  It is to be....

Yours in good eating


'Everybody pulls for David (FTM), nobody roots for Goliath' - Wilt the stilt Chamberlain

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