Real Food From Real Farmers

Have you made your meal selections and added your extras?

This weeks is jam packed full of the joy and goodness that the cooler Fall temperatures bring us.  It's a great time of year for our local farmers to show-off their wares.

Pumpkin Chili - this dish proves Pumpkins are not just for carving, nope these beauties from Garden Variety Organics when combined with bell peppers from, We over Me Farm onions from Happy Trials and turkey/chicken from Frans Fryers combine to create a Pumpkin Chili for the ages.

Chorizo or Mushrooms Toasted Walnuts and Organic Greens over Butternut Mash - Again the gangs at Happy Trails and Garden Variety Organics star, supplying us with kale and butternut respectively.  These flavors with the crunch of walnuts and saltiness of chorizo mesh to have you craving more.

Chimichurri Fish and Chips - An array of herbs from the boys at We Over Me Farm and the fish from the Gulf via Atkins Seafood turn a traditional favorite into household icon.  

Japanese Steak Hache - I think the photo speaks for itself.  For those with poor eyesight you are missing a blend of colors, flavors and textures.  A veritable fusion of cheer and delight.  Eggs from Hidden Honey Farms, cheese from Full Quiver and Beef from the Yellow Farmhouse ensure 20/20 vision is not essential.

Tray Bake - Best for last.  When you can eat veggies straight from the ground you know they are world class.  Try the arugula and onions from Happy Trails, the squash from Garden Variety Organics, while the chicken from Red Oak is juicy, tender and tasty.

Yours in good eating


'Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity' - Thor Heyerdahl

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