Saturday is FTM Day!

Good morning all,

How do you know when your business has made it?  Going public, sales of $10M….nope, its when you receive an expose in the Oak Cliff Advocate that’s how!  Sales in our neighborhood have noticeably jumped in the week it has been out so big thank you to Kathy and Rachel from the paper.  Read the latest feature on your favorite meal planning service.

Amy further consolidated our presence in this part of Dallas by delivering a rousing address at the OakCliff Women in Business event last week.  I am forever impressed at how leading FTM has grown Amy as a person.  The prospect of public speaking and networking previously would have left her petrified, now she commands a room with poise and class.

Long time customer Theresa Hill keeps reminding us how wonderful our customers are.  The physical therapist is kind enough to regularly endorse us to her circle of friends and colleagues both in person and on social media.  Amy and I wanted to let you know this sort of support doesn’t go unrecognized Theresa, a free meal bag is coming your way!

Don’t waste any more valuable weekend time!  Your meals for this week,

yours in good eating


’the human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you start to speak in public’ - George Jesse

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