Good morning all,

To many this tomato (pictured) is nothing but a vegetable. To me it's so much more. In fact to dismiss it as just another vegetable does it a huge disservice. Let's call this particular tomato 'Jeff'.

Jeff is a native of North Texas.  He was born to loving hard working parents on a farm near you. He is young, organic, ripe and rich in flavour, personality and taste. His life's work is not only to end up on your plate displayed attractively before making your taste buds sing.

No, Jeff is so much more. He was put on this earth to inspire you and I to forge a healthier path.  To show us a better way. No more for you and I the fast food poison that erodes our health, our soul and everything else but our waistline!  

Who among us can boast such an inspiring destiny!  Join me as we pursue Jeff's dream.

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Yours in good eating,


'Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad' - Brian O'Driscoll

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