So This Is Christmas ...

Good evening all,

Another year has come and just about gone.  In a rarity for me I have nailed my christmas shopping duties early in the piece and if I do say so myself have done a splendid job.  Hopefully you too are negotiating Christmas crowds and avoiding the pressure of last minute panic shopping.

To get you out of hole we are knocking 20% off FTM gift cards.  Go to the website, and grab yourself a gift card or two.  Enter the coupon code FTMGIFT20 to enjoy the discount.  The way to any man (woman and child’s) heart is through their stomach.  I’m going to make you look good when you come bearing the gift of free, top notch, fresh and tasty food straight from the good farmers of North Texas.

These same farmers don’t get the luxury of taking time off for Christmas and whilst we at FTM love our family time and the chance to relax we too will be business as usual over the Christmas/NY period.  The only change at this stage is if you normally receive a Sunday delivery next week (Sunday 24th) you will receive your meals on Saturday the 23rd.

Amy and I had the privilege to meet JuNene K this week.  We put the call out and you guys delivered.  The effervescent, energetic and downright delightful JuNene is coming in to share our warehouse space in the coming weeks.  We still have some space available should anyone else be interested.  In the meantime check out JuNene’s business at  I have a feeling this woman and her business are going to take over Dallas.

Stay tune for a couple more exciting announcements in the next week or so.

Yours in good eating


‘oh for the good old days when people would stop Christmas shopping when they ran out of money’ - unknown

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