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Good morning all,

I recently received some feedback about my newsletters.  A common thread was that perhaps I am prone to indulging myself and dribbling inane nonsense when I could be promoting the coming weeks meals.  Remarkably not the first time in my life where I've been accused of selfishness, Sorry mum, Amy and everyone in between.

So, to address such issues, no longer will I spend time waxing on about how hard it must be being Tom Brady after he lost the NFL opener or wondering who's core responsibilities include naming Hurricane's, no today your correspondent will focus firmly on the task at hand.  This week's meals;

-Roasted Chimichurri Chicken;  I looked this up, Chimichurri is derived from a latin word meaning 'deliciousness'

-Hallo Umi - Crusted Halloumi Tacos; interesting fact, I didn't eat my first piece of Halloumi until I was 37 years old.  I was in one of those hipster cafes in Bondi Beach I normally despise, after tasting it for the first time my whole opinion on Hipsters changed.  

-Beef and Cilantro Rice Bowls;  You've watched the Superbowl, you've driven through a dust bowl but life hasn't been lived until you've eaten this bowl!

-Chili Mac;  This dish was so good historians believe it was largely responsible for expediting a conclusion to the Korean war.

-Spiced Pork and Chick Pea Stir Fry;  If this sucker was on The Voice there would be a punch up between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine to see who got it.

Outside of following Warren Buffet's every move your next best investment strategy folks....a 5 meal plan with  Don't be one of those who knew it but didn't get onboard in time.

There you have it, another artfully crafted composition sans the drivel.  Your welcome

Yours in good eating


'I think that God, in creating man, somewhat overestimated his ability' - Oscar Wilde

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