Summertime in the City

Good afternoon all,

It's mid August now folks and you know what that means.  It means you've spent the last couple of months trying to stay sane while looking after the kids on their holidays.  They may have driven you crazy, you may feel like giving them away to charity but that doesn't mean you can't feed them well in the meantime.  Hope is on the horizon with a return to school imminent.  In the meantime don't waste the last remaining days shopping, make your life that bit easier log into

Quick thank you to the Dallas Magpies Australian Rules crew for inviting me out to training last night.  It was good to turn back the clock and work up a sweat.  My 110 year old knees are telling me something different this morning though.  The photo below may look like a GQ modeling shoot for FTM trucker caps but is actually a mix of Texas's and Australia's finest!

Shout out also to the guys at Greenlight Ad Agency in Dallas.  They made great use of Amy's culinary expertise on Tuesday in their HOWDO meeting place kitchen.  What started out as a luncheon quickly turned into a hands on interactive exercise for the executives.  Great time had by all I'm told.

Yours in good eating,


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