The Best Lineup....

Good morning all,

I know you guys tune in religiously to get your fix of quality banter and nonsense from my regular newsletters, but will be keeping it super short this morning.  Afraid I'm not feeling my usual perky self.

While my mood may be a little out of sorts, this weeks menu is not.  Not sure it is fair to say the best line up of meals ever assembled by a food delivery service, but...

  • Beef Tagine
  • Roasted red pepper and haloumi, tomato salad
  • Spaghetti and chicken sausage bolognese
  • Herb roasted chicken and broccolini, new potato and radish salad
  • Bacon fried rice

Be sure to wrap your laughing gear around 3-4 of these meals this week, no, lets go crazy try all 5.

Remember, lets keep it local folks, keep supporting us and our farmers, spread the word.  Homework this week... tell 14 people about how your life is easier and better with FTM.

Yours in good eating,


RIP Paul Devine, funniest bugger I've ever had the pleasure to know.

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