The Lot

Good morning all,

As some of you may have heard, come the beginning of June we will be 100% delivery only.  After some two and half years the FTM Waxahachie storefront will be no more.  Our energy and resources can now be focused on what we do best and that is deliver you the best fresh and tasty meal bags in the land.

Speaking of which you are in for a treat this week.  Generally the meal planning is left to those infinitely more qualified than yours truly, but on occasion in a moment of true inspiration I will add a personal contribution.  This week it is the Lot Burger.  A combination of flavors and textures that will leave you drooling at the prospect.  Something this tasty should not be healthy but with every ingredient sourced locally it is certainly is.  Note the addition of cooked potato slices, a moment of culinary genius that is truly my own.

Mothers day is dawning this Sunday, time is running out to demonstrate what a fine son/daughter you are.  We can't make up for the rest of the year for you but we can make you all the more thoughtful by dropping in bag of fresh meals ready to go.  

Tomorrow evening FTM will be catering at 'Bites in the Heights' a charity function in Winnetka Heights, please keep us in mind for your next function.

Yours in good eating


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