The Revolution Rolls On! Eat Clean in 2017!

Good morning all,

I hope this gorgeous Friday morning finds you well and ready to take a tasty chunk out of life.

This week has been a super busy one, the star of the show has been FTM's creator, Amy.  A couple of catering jobs and appearances, one for the luxury apartment complex The Jordan and another for the good eating gang at Carpathia Collaborative.  She also made a cameo on the Farmher TV show which will air next Fall, details to follow.

Clearly the revolution rolls on, exciting to see so many people and groups promoting the benefits of eating fresh, green and healthy.  Its nice to be able to testify that already this year a more diligent approach has made a huge difference in energy and frame of mind.

On a completely random note, go and see the movie Lion, a remarkable story which features my home town.  I defy you to not cry!  Just beautiful.

Yours in good eating,


'To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art' - Francois De La Rouchefoucauld

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