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Good morning all,

We've had a couple of requests this week independently for us to consider packaging meal plans for small groups. Whether it be through work or a group all with a similar goal in mind it is something we have done in the past and are happy to consider on a case by case basis. From our perspective it is a great opportunity to expose more people to quality, fresh food and helps our farmers. As such we are happy to work with you to create a plan which accommodates your mission.

Now you guys no doubt get sick of me preaching the virtues of FTM to you each week. So, I'm going to take a week off and instead I'm going to let someone else do it for me!! Suzanne Delcambre from Richardson and her family have been wonderfully loyal customers of ours for over 18 months now, so they more than most are qualified to assess what we do. Very kindly they provided the following feedback to us last week.

'We were out this previous week, but I wanted to provide some feedback on the recipes delivered on 9/6. We SO enjoyed that week. There was so much creativity and the preparation was beyond easy. Loved the salmon salad and the cucumber dressing, and the Cajun pasta with that tasty sausage, and the Pesto vegetarian option. The salad mix was delicious. We really like a week which includes a low carb meal, a veggie meal, and a meat meal. Any time you can add more veggies, it is enjoyable and we feel great.'

Feedback, positive or constructive is always valuable, but there is no doubt comments such as Suzanne's make us feel like we are on the right track. The credit should be equally shared between our farmers and Amy and her team of meal planners.

Quick thank you to Burleson Camp Gladiator trainer Erica Bevel who was kind enough to have us out to speak to her group last Saturday morning. She like us is a big believer that small improvements to diet and exercise over the long term is a far more effective way of improving health than drastic diets. A very colorful crew!

Yours in good eating,

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