To Pozole or not to Pozole

Good morning all,

This weeks menu comes with a warning!  Potential sensory overload.  

Take a look below at the montage of what you and your family will be dining on this week, careful not to look directly at all 5 meals for too long!  Your retina’s shouldn’t be exposed to something so magnificent for extended periods.

The range of glorious smells and scents coming from these 5 masterpieces ( will have your nostrils flaring.  Whether it be the spicy aroma of the Middle Eastern Nachos right through to the peppery bouquet of the Steak your proboscis will be working overtime.

We have run the risk of overwhelming you all before you’ve even wrapped your lips around a mouthful and tasted 5 different shades of deliciousness.

This weeks meals also come with a strong recommendation.  Please do not prepare one of these meals if you are on a first date.  It’s never a good look going back for thirds or fourths early in a relationship, sends the wrong message!

On a more serious note, after 3 and half years and well over 1,000 different meals, today history was made at 4.37pm.  I was asked to sample our latest version of the Mexican stew/soup/mouthful of heaven that is Pozole.  The shrimp linguine has been knocked off its perch as FTM’s greatest ever dish (in my humble, well-fed opinion).  Extraordinary fusion of flavors all dancing the rumba in your mouth to provide a taste that will forever remain incomparable.

Below is the history of a dish that while everyone may have a slightly different take on it, one thing we do share is a love for it.

Get your orders in people, you know it makes sense.

Yours in good eating


’the only thing I like better than tasking about food is eating’ - John Walters

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