Too Busy to Juice??

Good morning all,

Remember this name, ’Too busy to Juice’.  I’ve briefly brought it to your attention once before but now I’m proud to say FTM is working with Ju Nene K in earnest.

The first of Ju Nene’s juices are now available for purchase with your meal bags, delivery as normal,  Sourced locally the feature juice this month, the ‘Ginger Shot’ will be just what you need to kickstart your day.  Ingredients including apple, ginger, lemon and turmeric it is anti-inflammatory, aids in digestions, congestion relief, muscle soreness and fatigue.  Tell me that’s not what you're looking for!!

The first 5 customers who order JuNene’s juices through our market page will receive a free 8 ounce ‘Ginger Shot’.  Having tasted it I can guarantee you it will become a staple!

*With Easter upon us this week, we have deliveries for those who normally receive them on Sunday’s to this Saturday, March 31st.  We want you to enjoy your time with your family on Sunday without us knocking on your door.

yours in good eating


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