Total Eclipse of the Heart

Good afternoon all,

It was a week dominated by the Eclipse or in Dallas the non-Eclipse, still it was pretty spectacular in other parts of the country.  Very special for me as brought back great memories of when Amy had serenaded me with the Bonnie Tyler special 'Total Eclipse of the heart'  when we first started courting all those years ago.

Enough nostalgia I hear you say, you want to know what will be cooking in your kitchens this week;  
Field to Meal Menu

Another dream lineup.  Seems a shame to not share it.  From now until the end of September any time you refer a friend we will be knocking 25% of your next weeks meals to reward you for a good deed.

He may not be the most eloquent of endorsers but new customer (and future delivery driver by the looks of the photo above) Alex Crampton certainly enjoyed his first FTM experience;
'Shout out to Field to Meal after my first delivery.  The Mushu Pork Rolls were #$%^ great!.  Unreal feed for a good price and makes you feel like a master chef'
Shakespeare he is not, but good to see a young man broadening his horizons and palate.

This week we have been given another reason to gush glowingly about one of great customers. We stumbled across a TV interview with our very own Marsha Lindsey of Lucky Dog Barkery.  Please take 2 minutes to check out the interview. For a small business owner or for those who like seeing good people thrive Marsha's story is an inspiring one.

Finally, as promised Ms Tracy Lofts, long time supporter and user of FTM, I have decided to dedicate this newsletter to you!  Lets see if you truly do read every newsletter I scribe!

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