Want an hour extra every day?

Good evening all,

Alright people, walk me through tonight's effort!?  An easy culinary delight?  I think not.

It all started when you devoted 25 minutes of your day to thinking, 'aaahh, what am I going to cook tonight?'  No inspiration, you wasted more time, asking your husband (forgive the gender bias), no joy there, 'whatever the kids want?'

Ask the kids, answers ranged from, 'dunno' to 'Chic-fil-A'.  Again no help to you.

Frustrated you wait til after work before heading to HEB for ideas.  Another 35 minutes of your life spent joyfully navigating the carpark, surviving the shopping queue and walking aimlessly around a supermarket.  Life, eh!!

It doesn't have to be this way!  Abracadabra, here is one hour of your day back!

Thats right, easier, quicker, probably cheaper, definitely healthier.

This week's family favorite;  Oven baked Chimichangas.  "Chimi" meaning 'please can I', Changas meaning 'have some more'

Get your orders in folks

yours in good eating


Everyone's favorite 'fixit' man, Andy, the banana bread is on its way

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