Welcome Texas Country Reporter Festival!

Good morning all,

Only the desperately hard to please or a fruitarian (whatever that is?) will find this weeks menu anything other than delicious. The mouth watering pork chops and slaw has received rave reviews, while the Tamale Stew and Loaded Greek fries are long time favorites. You'll spend hours debating which to cook first this week.

Can I be so bold to remind you all that when you receive your meal bag each week we do need you to switch it out with your old re-usable bag. I appreciate from time to time this will slip your mind, but please make the effort. It not only saves us money but also reduces our footprint. As nice as the bags are I'm not sure anyone needs a dozen of them which I think is the current record!

Yours in good eating,

'a crust eaten in peace is better than a banquet taken in anxiety' - Aesop

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