What's Cooking at FTM!

Field to Meal Love:

Proof you can take the boy out of Australia but you can't take the Australian out of the boy, we at FTM are recognizing my Australian heritage by supporting the Dallas Magpies Australian Rules football team.  Every meal sold we are donating back to the club a percentage of sales to help grow and support a great albeit displaced game!  I know lots of you have sporting clubs, fitness groups or other organizations you are involved in, please feel free to contact me as we are happy to consider similar arrangements to benefit them as well.

Farmer Spotlight:

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!  I don't know Peter personally or what the heck a 'peck' is but I do know we have some seriously tasty peppers on the menu this week.  Peppers from Chandler Family Farm here in Dallas.  Most of the peppers will be too small to stuff don't panic you will get plenty of them, they go beautifully with the Spanish rice, sausage and beans.  

Healthy Eating:

No doubt if social media has a presence in your life by now you have heard of Netflix's latest dietary documentary 'What the Health'.  It has provoked much thought and conversation.  After viewing this week I can say it makes for very interesting if not confronting viewing.  I highly recommend it as it debunks a number of myths around eating and diet.  I'm proud to say that the message in this documentary endorses what we do here at FTM with an emphasis on greens and organic vegetables combined with sensible amounts of local, farm raised, steroid free and hormone free meats. 

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