When average met excellence

Good evening all,

Two Australians!  Hard to tell from the photo, but one of these two has represented their country at the Olympics, winning a silver medal no less.  They have also played professional basketball in Australia, Europe and the US.  This person is also arguably the best Australian Rules footballer on the planet.

The other is ....me!

I had the great pleasure to meet the lovely and down to earth Erin Phillips on the weekend.  While she may have to split her time between WNBA commitments here with the Dallas Wings and dominating the football scene back in Australia, what she never compromises on is fueling her body with healthy, fresh and local food.

It's always inspiring to the team here at FTM to see how far a great diet can take you.  Thanks for your support Erin and keep on keeping on.

Yours in good eating


'A champion is someone who gets up when they can't' - Jack Dempsey

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