Whoops, try again

Good evening all,

Don't you go out in the rain
Don't go out in pouring rain
If you go out in the rain
We'll never have that time again

First to name the song, the band and the year wins...my respect.  And no, it is not the Scottish band Wet Wet Wet.  

Cracking song, never more apt I would say.  With rain of biblical proportions descending upon our fair city, is this weekend really the time to be braving the gods (not to mention the traffic) all for some expensive, bland, nutritionally questionable food choices?

Let the experts in this field solve all your culinary conundrums, while you enjoy a weekend in the dry, safe luxury of your own surroundings.  Orders accepted until Saturday night for people down south, everyone else Sunday night is your cut off.


Happy Birthday for yesterday to FTM and indeed everyone's favorite, Isidro!

Yours in good eating


'Save a boyfriend for a rainy day - and another, in case it doesn't rain' - Mae West

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