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Our Local Suppliers

Kemp, Texas

Products at FTM:  Cheeses, yogurts, and drinkable yogurts all made with fresh, organic, raw milk.

Full Quiver Farms is a family operated farm. They have three generations working together; milking cows, gathering eggs, and caring for livestock.

Fate, Texas

Products at FTM:  Delicious natural and gluten-free sweet & savory tamales.  

Along Came Tamale is a local, family-owned artisan, specializing in sweet and savory tamales. It is also owned by Amy’s aunt, Anita and our Fate store partners.

Waxahachie, Texas

Products at FTM:  Fresh seafood. If it were any fresher, they’d still be swimmin'!

Atkins seafood provides the freshest seafood in Texas. Straight from the source. All kinds of seafood, from shrimp and crab to a dazzling array of fish await our customers inside. From shore to table, you won't find a better source.

Red Oak, Texas

Products at FTM:  A variety of meats that are better than natural. Hormone Free. Pesticide Free. By-Product Free. 

Fran's Fryers sells chicken, beef, and turkey that is hormone free, pesticide free and by-product free. Frans Fryers also helps support missions.

Corsicana, Texas

Products at FTM:  North Texas Raw Honey infused with fresh pure ingredients such as lavender, lemon, and vanilla bean. We also have their quality, organic spices, with 100% pure great flavor.

C&J Farms is a family run farm specializing in growing and selling the freshest and most flavorful herbs available.

Italy, Texas

Products at FTM:  The freshest, organically-grown produce and sauces, such as pestos and salsas made with these magically grown vegetables.   

Happy Trails Farm is our largest supplier of fresh, organically-grown produce for our Field to Meal quality and guarantee.

Plano, Texas

Products at FTM:  Teas, Infused Coffee and Tea and Beer Infused Jelly. 

Patti’s place is owned and operated by Patti who is a happy mad scientist – in the kitchen. She is passionate about testing, combining and finding fresh new flavors, and for inventing new approaches to everyday products like coffee and tea that answer interesting questions. Patti also has a line of jelly’s called Jelly Junkie that we use occasionally in our recipes and offer in our stores. 

Dallas, Texas

Products at FTM:  European-style natural breads.

Dallas-based Empire Baking Company, family owned and operated for more than 20 years, offers retail and wholesale European-style natural breads, pastries, cookies, sandwiches and salads. We believe that product integrity begins with quality ingredients. Our breads are made from scratch: handmade, hand-shaped and baked fresh every day. There are no fillers, conditioners, dough enhancers, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors ever used.

McGregor, Texas

Products at FTM:  Organic, natural creamy milk, chocolate milk, whipping cream & half/half. The cows are never given artificial hormones in order to increase milk production. All the vitamins and goodness are pure milk, nothing artificial.  

Mill-King is a family run farm that has been in operation for three generations. Grandpa Miller began milking cows around the second world war and the tradition has continued through his grandson, Craig.

Carrizo Springs, Texas

Products at FTM:  Pure Texas extra virgin olive oil and a variety balsamic vinegars. 

Texas Olive Ranch 100% Pure Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed from arbequina variety olives grown at our ranch. The arbequina variety was developed in Spain and is especially suitable for growing in the sandy loam soil of the Middle Rio Grande Valley, where the climate is very similar to southern Spain. In addition to the arbequina variety, we grow two other varieties: arbosana, also Spanish in origin; and a Greek variety, koroneiki.

North Central Texas

Products at FTM:  Selection of natural, grass-fed, hormone, and steroid-free beef and pork. 

A first generation farm family raising wheat, corn, and grain sorghum on our farm in North Central Texas. They mill and package these products themselves. Their real passion however lies in their natural, grass-fed, hormone and steroid free Beef Cattle and Pork.

Anna, Texas

Products at FTM:  Natural, grass-fed, hormone and steroid free beef. 

They feature Certified Pinzgauer Beef, one of the most flavorful and tender beefs on the market. All produced from pureblood Pinzgauer cattle, born and raised and lovingly grown to maturity at the ranch. For 40 years, they have only Pinzgauer, thus allowing them to offer a select foundation herd of outstanding females who produce fast growing bull calves for the beef program.

Athens, Texas

Products at FTM:  Organic vegetables and berries. Their focus is to growing GMO, chemical free produce and berries. Using only organic fertilizers including fish emulations, pasteurized chicken manure and compost teas.  They may not always have the prettiest product but an educated shopper knows the difference between organically grown produce and commercially.

Mabank, Texas

Products at FTM:  Organic seasonal vegetables. Chandler Family Farm is our primary supplier of organically-grown, non GMO corn and different varieties of peas when in season.

Dallas, Texas

Products at FTM:  A selection of handmade ravioli. Civello’s have been hand making ravioli in the Dallas area since the 1950s. The recipes have been handed down for generations and reflect seasonal changes, the freshest local ingredients, and artisanal cooking of Italy, especially the southern regions and Sicily.

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We love it. I used to be bored with cooking, now I look forward to preparing supper. And I am more creative with my cooking and love using all the fresh spices and vegetables in our meals. The recipes are great and we are eating foods that  I didn't even know I liked. - Kayla Jordan 

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